Las Metamorfosis, 2018-2021

Las Metamorfosis (The Metamorphoses) is a software-generated museum: a series of collages created from photographic reproductions of paintings from the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam) collection. The possibilities of manipulating the digital image allow the creation of new works by remixing the original pieces, inaugurating an iconoclastic and fragmented imaginary museum*, in which authorship, canon and originality acquire new meanings or are simply expelled from paradise. The works are printed on canvas, returning to the physical world in a classic fine art format.
The artist uses public domain images and free software and becomes a visual DJ, an explorer of associations that cause unexpected metamorphoses in works of art. The author renounces absolute control over the result of the work and reduces his role to a series of elementary operations: matching works and entering numbers in an image processor. The algorithms work on the images in an objective way, regardless of their era, genre or style. The result is a work that uses images to test the viewer's perception, a collection of visibly altered images  that challenges traditional notions and delves into the nature of art in a poetic and ironic way.
*André Malraux’s Imaginary museum was a significant project of the modern era, created by photographic reproductions of works that guided the French intellectual for his personal art history.


Ankaria Photo 2021 International Prize, finalist.


The infinite museum, Cámara Oscura gallery (Madrid, 2021).