The Toolbox

When creating, explore all the possibilities of the tool, without forgetting that the tool is not the camera, or the brush, or the computer.
The tool is you.

The Good Teacher

A good teacher is not the one who paves the way for its students: it is the one who encourages them to walk on the wire.

Notice for Students

A project is not a dogma or a thesis. Neither a speech.
A project is a playing field.

Arte para ciborgs, 2014 © Antonio Pérez Río

LENS Escuela de Artes Visuales

I founded LENS in January 2011 . Born as a photography school, soon it expanded its training to the area of video and movie-making.

LENS is a human space designed for learning, a context in which teachers and students try to find freedom, tools and motivation to develop their skills.

If you want to come up and take a look, you're more than welcome.

God save the doubt

In the classroom, doubt it is a healthy development, although cotice downward in a stock exchange that prefers recipes raw and immediate solutions. The questions of the teacher are not a sign of weakness but of common sense. And above all, the doubt is a space for student growth.

However, if we understand the teacher-student relationship as a relationship of power, there is no room for doubt: any cracks to strip us of the status of Super-man should be avoided at all costs. Lecturing is an exercise of power. The vehemence only wakes monitoring or rejection, two attitudes that close more roads that open.

A teacher who is sure of everything he says is a fool. It will reap applause and admiration of his students, but grass can't grow behind their words.

Since 2006 I maintain a blog as a personal library which aims to encourage reflection on photographic practice.