Masterpieces, 2014-2018

The Louvre Museum fascinates and terrifies me in equal parts. Since 2014, I have spent thirty-seven days inside the museum, with my camera and a notebook, trying to reflect on the real experience of visitors to one of the most visited art spaces in the world. Paintings and sculptures that have survived several centuries face people who visit the museum for once in their lives and refuse to look directly at them. Contemplation has given way to accumulation, an accumulation conducted by means of all sorts of digital devices, veritable cyclops that pound through the museum hallways stockpiling everything they see in their bottomless memory, generating a new way of staying and being in the world, a transformation of the art experience that points towards a profound modification of human nature. The result of these four years of work and more than 500 kilometers walked on the Louvre galleries is a work entitled Masterpieces: an essay on the remains of a world devoured by its images.


All Art is Photography, curated by David Campany, Biennale für Aktuelle Fotografie (Mannheim, 2020).

Feria Arco 2020, Fundación Enaire (Madrid, 2020).

Conciencia2, Ministerio de Fomento (Madrid, 2019).

Premios de Fotografía Fundación Enaire, PhotoEspaña'19, Real Jardín Botánico (Madrid, 2019).

Art for Cyborgs, Albert Hall Museum (Jaipur, 2016)


Fundación Enaire Second Photography Award, 2019.

Ciudad de Móstoles Artist Book Award, 2018.