ANTONIO PÉREZ RÍO (Madrid, 1972) graduated in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid and earned a diploma in Social Education from Spain’s National Distance Education University. He is also instructed in literary creation and photography. He has visited dozens of countries, and speaks Spanish, English, and French, and has learnt and forgotten as many other languages.

He is the founder of LENS School of visual arts and director of the Master in Fine Art Photography.

His book Masterpieces - Obras Maestras has won the City of Móstoles Artist Book Award 2018 and has been a finalist for the Felifa 2018 International Award (Buenos Aires), as well as being part of the collective exhibition Here I Live at the Hermitage Museum (Saint Petersburg).

His dummy Louvre - Art Guide for Cyborgs was shortlisted for Kassel Fotobookfestival Dummy Award (2017) and exhibited for the first time at the Albert Hall Museum in Jaipur (Jaipur Photo, 2017). He was selected as one of PHotoEspaña’16’s Descubrimientos (“Discoveries”), as well as by the I Encuentro de Artistas de Castilla y León with the same project.

He was a finalist for the 20th Fotopres Fellowship with his photo series Mapping Kigali (2014).

His photographic project The Inevitable was selected by Descrubrimientos PhotoEspaña 2013 (Madrid), PhotoIreland Portfolio’13 (Dublin), Emergentes DST (Braga, Portugal), and he has been published in OjodePez, the British Journal of Photography and El País. This project formed the focus of an individual exhibition in the CEART Tomás y Valiente (Fuenlabrada, 2015), and was also exhibited as part of The New Fair (2nd edition) in the New Gallery (Madrid, 2015). Since then, he has published The Inevitable: Do-Your-Own-Exhibition Toolkit, a limited edition book formed of a map, 23 texts, and 12 photographs inviting readers to set up an exhibition in his/her own house (available at LENS Books).

He created the blog Otra forma de mirar (“Another way of seeing”) in 2008, which specializes in thought-provoking literature related to photography.

Curriculum Vitae

You can download a full version of my CV here.

Antonio Perez Rio